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The Story

I started teaching in 2011, qualifying through Teach First and working in state secondary schools in East London. It had been my ambition since age 8 to become a headteacher one day, and - bar a slight wobble in my second year - I was set on following that path right up until 18 months ago. 

Around the 2019 summer holidays, I decided to start working with a coach to help me decide my next step. I loved my current school, an incredibly successful 11-18 secondary where I worked as Head of English, but I knew that long term I wanted to be involved in school improvement and I couldn't pick up the skills I needed in somewhere that was already doing so well. At the same time, I worried that I was too resistant to the idea of being comfortable and shouldn't be so quick to walk away from a job where I loved my students, my colleagues and my dreamy 15 minute commute. 

I entered the first coaching session with the goal of wanting to feel confident in my decision-making process, and to know how to separate my ambition and need to over-achieve from how I really felt. Instead, within a few sessions it became clear that I was interrogating the wrong decision. I always knew I wanted to be a headteacher, but I also always knew I didn't want to be a teacher for my entire life. Suddenly it was obvious that rather than wait until I'd got a successful headship under my belt and then attempt to move into something more entrepreneurial, I was in the perfect position to switch now. At the time I was 30, single, child free, and lucky to have a family who loved having me near by, but didn't depend on me. When would there be a better time? 

Of course, three months after handing in my notice, Covid hit and the perfect timing was no longer so perfect. I pressed on regardless, albeit with a term's delay to my departure, and the gamble paid off as I found almost exactly the role I was looking for. Finding the first job is only part of the story, however, and I wanted to start this page to share some of that journey in case others are considering a similar leap. I'm now at the very beginning of my second career, with lots to learn and lots I want to accomplish - and I can't wait.


But this page isn't just about me - I want to give the space over to others, too, to share their stories of career changes and give hope to anyone who still daydreams about doing something different that it can be done. I promise to be honest about the bad days as well as the good ones, and to try and curate as many different experiences and voices as I can to show that anyone can do it if they're bold enough to take the first leap. 

Welcome to the Club!


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